My year through 43 photos

You know how these days, we all carry our smartphones with us, everywhere we go, and shoot all the things?

To wrap up 2012, I decided to go through all of my 1400+ phone photos from this year (around 900 from the last 6 months) and pick 3-5 of the most memorable and/or random ones from each month and post them all here.  There’s a total of 43 photos, all unedited and the majority of them not in the greatest quality.

Tip: there will be no food pics, but you can expect to see a swan or two.

So, in 2012, I…


Kindle Fire

Bought myself a Kindle Fire. To this day, I still consider it one of my best investments.

If you put a lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig.

Learned a valuable lesson at one of Mitja Mavsar’s lectures. Everyone who creates things should keep it in mind at all times.

Kia Rio billboard with LED lights

Saw a cool billboard ad for Kia RIO. See those shiny front headlights? Those are actual LED lights.


Typography thingy

Attended a guest lecture by aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa typography expert, Boris Divjak.

A perfect snowball

Made a perfect snowball.

Moo cards

Received my first Moo cards. Supersatisfied with their quality.

Two ninjas paying for parking space

Witnessed two ninjas paying a parking meter.


Canoeing on ice

Canoed on a centimeter thick ice.

Two swans

Met soon-to-be (back then) parents.


Helped with getting rid of all this wood.

Old hack

Taught a 97-year-old basic computer skills.


My first L lens

Acquired my first L lens!

Ran out of gas

Ran out of gas.

Visited London

Visited London. Right-o!


Found a boat. And a while later, its owner.


Distance to NY

Found out the exact distance from Slovenia to New York.

Pug and carp

Introduced pug to a carp.

Slippery when wet.

Drove on a flooded road.

Yard sale, but not really

Had yard sale, buuut not really. Late spring cleaning of our weekend house happened that day.


Parents with kids

Remember the soon-to-be parents from above? In June, Stork brought them kids.


Had summer.


Lied.. about no food pictures.. but, calamari.


Samsung Galaxy S III

Replaced my SGS 1 with SGS 3. Awesome upgrade.

Swans swans swans

Watched swans grow bigger and less fluffier.

Supercharged chiuaua

Petted a supercharged chiuaua.


High above

Got high.

Mini lizard

Shook hands with Mr. Lizard.


Watched swans get bigger some more.


Horse riding

Watched a girl horsing around.

Feeding swans

Fed the swans.

Blonde me

Went full blonde. It didn’t feel right. Took the wig off.


Visited #gostilna before it went mainstream.

A bucketfull of kittens

Saw a bucketfull of kittens.



..and all the fluffy features are gone.

Apple IIGS

Came very close to Apple II GS, a $999 computer from 1986.

The horror in puppy's eyes

Saw the horror in puppy’s eyes after the owner dressed her in that green sweater.


Visited IKEA

Visited IKEA.

Witnessed an epic sunset

Witnessed an epic sunset.


Attended my first TED(x) event.

Played fetch with a dog

Played fetch with dog.


Winter wonderland happened

Winter wonderland happened.

Took part in protests against the corrupt government

Took part in protests against the corrupt government. \o/

Kids.. they grow up so fast.

Watched swans grow up.

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