Apparently I was a victim of a writer’s block

Or at least I can use that as an excuse for not posting anything new in almost one and a half months. The main problem wasn’t what to write, it was the writing itself. I somehow couldn’t get past the first sentence or two, so I just ended up with about 3 unfinished drafts which are still stuck there, behind the scenes, unpublished. A work in progress, if you will.

The exact definition of writer’s block explains it as a condition, primarily associated with writing as a profession, in which an author a guy loses the ability to produce new work blog posts. After searching for a cure, I found out something interesting. Something that seems to affect a lot of new content creators:

Truth about blogging

If you can’t say anything brilliant, don’t say anything at all.

Because I value storytelling, context and interesting content, my brain wouldn’t let me write about random stuff. It wouldn’t feel right. I prefer posting less often and make it worth reading than to post random things that come to mind.. I guess. I don’t know, it’s complicated.

While I wasn’t necessarily posting anything new, that’s true, I did make something new.. for you.

I launched

A web page inspired by Game of Thrones (a popular TV series) character Daenerys Targaryen, who is also known as Khaleesi.

The idea was simple: full screen pictures (some of them slightly nsfw) with made-up quotes, which both change on page refresh. On its launch day it received 260+ unique visitors and a little over 2.500 F5s. All of this was a result of one tweet, which got retweeted and shared 13 times so far. Yay!

Purpose of that page? Pure fun.

Khaleesi's website

Purpose of this blogpost? Publish the url to Khaleesi’s page some place else in addition to Twitter. Because SEO. And traffic. :P

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