Hello.. world?

About a month ago I said to myself (♪ what a wonderful world):

In October I am going to accomplish 3 major goals. Update my personal website, start writing a blog and adopt a baby penguin.

In reality, I didn’t say it to just myself (made a cool Louis Armstrong reference though), but to two other people as well. One of them a school colleague of mine, the other mentor, after the dissertation (diploma) defenses, as we discussed our near-future plans. I can now happily cross two things off of the to-do list for this month. Old website was today replaced with this new, shiny one, and I believe that I can also provide an irrefutable proof that I have, indeed, started blogging. However, I still have to figure out that penguin adoption thing.

What will this blog be about?

To be honest I’m not quite sure yet. I decided to start blogging partly because of the extra free time I somehow have – despite spending an incredible amount of time doing unproductive things on the internets as part of my daily routine. Additionally, sometimes Twitter’s 140 characters are just not enough to communicate something meaningful, enlightening and profound to other humans and hell, blogging might as well help improving my written English language.

What you are currently reading is my first blog post (if I ignore a few “private” ones I had to write for homework about a year ago), so the dog below captures my view on this whole blogging thing pretty well..

I have no idea what I'm doing

Really. But please bear with me.

As for the subject, there is nothing specific that I am planning to write about, at least for now. This blog will cover many different topics which will be mostly geek-related, probably with a pinch of web design/developing stuffs, as this is my field of expertise. My own natural habitat.

And I think I just came up with the main ingredient of all the future blog posts here – I will try to keep them interesting. No one has the time for boring stuff, right?